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Tanzania is a country with extraordinary biodiversity, abundant ecosystems, and a rich cultural heritage. Yet many Tanzanians have never had the opportunity to explore and know their country. The Explore-Love-Protect© Campaign aims to make this experience accessible to all Tanzanians and allow them to be proud and thrilled to discover their ownership in their incredible homeland.

By bringing familiarity with the country’s natural and cultural heritage, the campaign embodies the philosophy that we protect what we love, we love only what we know and know only what we are taught. By educating and raising awareness, the campaign instills a widespread ethic of protection and conservation. With this change in mindset we can finally turn the tide of institutionalized apathy that prevents widespread efforts to combat problems like the illegal poaching of wildlife; one of Tanzania’s most precious resources.

To achieve these goals, we are implementing the Explore-Love-Protect© Campaign in partnership with WMA, TAWA, TANAPA, and TTB under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, and with the support of USAID PROTECT, UNDP, GIZ and other like-minded stakeholders, to build interest in the ecosystems within and around national parks and bolster domestic tourism in Tanzania.

The campaign takes multimedia approach, using mini-documentaries, social media, radio, and billboards to provide an economically feasible, popularly accessible, and highly entertaining means of discovering Tanzania’s ecosystems within and beyond national parks and their value to the country’s environmental and economic stability. In all forms of media, the campaign has recognizable themes based on the same core content and locations. The whole campaign is designed on two axes: one being to retain the key message about national treasures to Tanzanians and East Africans, and the other being the use of diverse formats, contents, strategies, and platforms to effectively disseminate these messages.

Social media content retains the high caliber brand image over the other media, with consistently sophisticated and high-quality information across all platforms. Content is matched to suit the users of each platform.